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Me, My Mommy &My Doula Labor Assistant
Our Services
Pregnacy Testing is ALWAYS FREE. We provide a full range of service during intrapartum, labor and postpartum period

Belly Masking


What's better than a picture to presevre your pregnancy? A belly mask

A belly mask is the most beautiful way to forever capture the essence of your pregnancy.




Pamper Yourself

Our Doulas are also License Massage Therapy and Nail Technician; and we bring the service home to you.
Please call for prices

Illustration: Relaxing in the bath

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Yoga and Childbirth Educational Classes
Yoga and Childbirth Classes are offered by our Doulas in the comfort of your home. Both classes usually run an hour. These classes prepare you mentally and physically for the challenge that you are about to endure.   
prices may vary please call

Me, My Mommy and My Doula  offer a full line of support
Breastfeeding Assistance
Birth Plans Assistance
Newborn Assistance
Prenatal Exercise 
Silbing Care


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