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"Your Spirit As a Woman Has All the Knowledge and Power You

Need to Give Birth and to Nuture Your Baby. It Is in Your Genes. It

Has Been There Since You Yourself Were Conceived. You Can

Trust Its Wisdom." 

--Gurmukh Khhalsa

Feel the security of having someone by your side that has supported hundreds of sucessful deliveries


What can a doula do for me?
A study conducted by Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston published by Journal of the American Medical Association utilizing over 1000 women in childbirth demonstrated that the attendance of a birth assistant results in:
decreased cesarean rates by 50%
decreased length of labor by 25%
decreased Pitocin induction and augmentation by 40%
decreased need for pain medications 30%
decreased need for forceps by 40%
decreased request of epidurals by 60%
less episiotomies and vacuum extractions
improved neonatal outcomes
better mother-infant interaction
greater maternal satisfaction
increased success with breastfeeding
increased father participation, confidence and satisfaction
decrease in postpartum depression

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Doula made the Difference.

Doula is a Greek word meaning "Woman helping Woman." Dana Raphael first coined the term in her book The Tender Gift, which underscores the fact that women need women to assist in childbirth and to provide continued emotional support and guidance throughout the joyous and turbulent postpartum time.
A Doula, by definition, is present to serve. She helps a woman integrate the day she will never forget.

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