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Me, My Mommy &My Doula Labor Assistant
Service Contract

Our Guarantee To You


I/We ________________, have discussed and reviewed our wishes with our doula. I/We understand that planning for our babys birth is like designing our dream house or planning an unforgettable wedding; it may not go as I/we imagine or plan.

 Limitation of services

I/We understand that our doula is not here to make decision, but to help us know our options. She will not perform any medical procedures. With permission only, she would use message oil or lotion to help me relax. She will also provide emotional and physical support only. 

 Services provided

Our doula will be on call for any questions or concerns twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our doula will remain with us, once active labor began until one hour after the birth, to serve and give a sense of security. She will strive to maintain a calm and peaceful environment. She will visit our home one to two weeks after the birth to review our birth story. 

 Doula Obligations 

I/We understand that unforeseen emergency circumstances may prevent my doula from attending our birth. I/We understand that another qualified doula will attend.  I/We will make arrangements to meet our doula back up

 Client Obligations

We will call our doula when the first sign of labor begin so she can make arrangements to attend our birth. We also understand our doula needs an hour for travel time. At any time, after I/we have signed this contract and decided not to use a doula before 36 weeks I/we will forfeit the deposit, but any additional payment for service will be return within two weeks. We also understand that for any unforeseen circumstances such as rapid labor, failure to call, or a cesarean section, payment for our doula services will not be return.

 I/we understand what my doulas roles are during labor and birth, she will not perform any medical procedures and I/we will not ask her to. 




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