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Me, My Mommy &My Doula Labor Assistant
About Us

My Doula

Our Philosophy


           To create an understanding of birth

         To help each woman find her inner strength

         To educate the community that birth is not an illness

         To teach the concerns, dangers or potential consequences  of unnecessary intervention into the birth process

         To educate women that giving birth is not an easy process, but they will get through it

         To give women enough information where they can make an inform decision, one they can feel good about

         To help reduce the rate of cesarean section

         To help women feel good about them selves and their body

    About Us

    Me, My Mommy and My Doula are not just Doulas. Our Senior Doulas are  Licensed CPMs and LMs. Our Junior Doulas are in their first or second year of Midwifery School at Miami Dade Community College. With a combined number of births, we have assisted over two hundreds of women, and over Four thousand hours of delivery time.

        Me, My Mommy and My Doula provides labor and breastfeeding support, postpartum care, sibling care,childbirth classes, personal prenatal exercise classes,prenatal massage, belly mask, and 24 hour telephone consults.

        Me, My Mommy and My Doula Is organized by Ro Quanda Guy. She believes that every woman should birth base on her personalities, spiritualities, and inner soul. She believes a laboring woman should be allowed to move around and eat in labor. She believes that if you leave a pregnant woman to labor with other women it helps with the process of labor.



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    484 N.W. 165th Street Road - Suite A611 / Miami, Florida 33169